AVTRW Irish Brand Annual Meeting 2018

AVTRW Irish Brand Annual Meeting 2018

Backweston Laboratory Campus. Celbridge, Co. Kildare (Ireland).
5th October 2018

The Association for Veterinary Teaching and Research Work (AVTRW) is an organisation composed of those engaged primarily in veterinary teaching or in related research fields. Although AVTRW is affiliated with the British Veterinary Association, Ireland also has a regional committee that organises local events. The Irish Branch of the AVTRW invited colleagues with an interest in innovative advances in veterinary disease management and breeding to join them on the 5 th October 2018 at the DAFM Backweston Laboratory complex, Co. Kildare.

The schedule included several speakers such as Dr. Pip Beard (The Pirbright Institute, UK) talking about emerging diseases that threaten Irish biosecurity such as Lumpy skin disease and African swine fever, Dr. Donagh Berry (Teagasc) focussing on animal genetics and breeding and Prof. Eamonn Gormley (UCD) talking about Bovine TB, badgers and new vaccine developments.

Check the meeting’s schedule on the table below.



Donal Sammin - Director of laboratories Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine
9.40Wildlife intervention strategies for control of bovine tuberculosis
Eamonn Gormley - University College Dublin
10.10Virulence mechanisms of Mycobacterium bovis: the role of the RskA-SigK regulon
Alicia Smyth - University College Dublin
10.25Immune response of Bos taurus to two genotypically distinct mastitis causing Staphylococcus aureus strains
Dagmara Niedziela - Teagasc, University College Dublin
10.40Antimicrobial use in pig production in Ireland
Lorcan O'Neill – Teagasc, University College Dublin
10.55Tea / Coffee Break
11.25The recent emergence of livestock viral diseases into Europe: a comparison of lumpy skin disease and African swine fever
Pip Beard - The Pirbright Institute, UK
11.55How Does Schmallenberg virus interact with host cells?
Tristan Russell – University College Dublin
12.10Detection of influenza D in respiratory disease samples from Northern Irish cattle
Kenneth Lemon - Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland
12.25Gene expression in blood during early pregnancy and embryo loss in dairy cattle
Irene Malo Estepa – Teagasc, University College Dublin
12.40Elevated risk of clinical endometritis and reduced fertility in high yielding Irish dairy cows
Nicholas Ryan – Teagasc, University College Dublin
12.55Flash talks
14.05The incoming EU Regulation on Animal Remedies - a changing landscape
Joe Collins – Veterinary Ireland
14.20Promoting a European standard for middle tier post graduate veterinary education programmes in Europe. An update on VETCEE activities and vision
Andrew Byrne – Veterinary Ireland
14.35Experience using the ‘Smartbow’, an intelligent electronic tagging system for cattle
Bernadette O’Brien – Teagasc
Sponsored by Zoetis
14.55An emerging disease syndrome in intensive lamb production in Ireland: Combined cysticercosis & sarcocystosis as a cause of significant losses due to carcass condemnation & trimming
James O'Shaughnessy – Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
15.10Interaction between the bacterial microbiome and cyathostomin in the large intestine of the horse
Nicola Walshe - University College Dublin
15.25Surveillance of mortality in wild birds of prey in Ireland: the delivery of a multi- agency raptor surveillance protocol & a review of 5 years of data
Mícheál Casey - Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
15.40Animal health – Stand back and give the geneticists a shot!
Donagh Berry - Teagasc