Animal Health Ireland (AHI) functions as a partnership between private sector organisations and businesses in the agri-food sector and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. AHI provides benefits to livestock producers and processors by providing the knowledge, education and coordination required to establish effective control programmes for non-regulated diseases of livestock. CellCheck is the Irish national mastitis control programme, coordinated and facilitated by AHI. It is being developed and delivered in partnership with industry bodies representing farmers, processors, service providers and government. 


The CellCheck programme has focussed on building awareness, knowledge and capacity to facilitate improvements in mastitis control. This has been done through the development of independent, science-based resources and training, for both service providers and farmers. These have facilitated engagement between service providers, and the development of regional networks.


CellCheck enhances the regional support network available to farmers in relation to mastitis control, and the consistency and quality of information available to them. There has also been an increasing emphasis on working with industry partners to ensure that suppliers receive clear, consistent signals about the desired quality of raw milk produced in Ireland.